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Tony Junker
2406 Panama Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 735-6949.
Tony Junker's historical novel, Tunnell's Boys, a work of historical fiction, is generating wide reader attention for its fresh contributions to the traditions of historical novels and sea literature.  A sailor and lover of wooden boats, Junker set his novel among the maritime pilots of Delaware River and Bay.  The work is rich with nautical lore, and recreates a colorful historical era:  19th Century Quaker Philadelphia.  Lovers of historical literature, particularly sea novels, will find a surprise:  The book is action-filled, yet challenges the conventional image of "blood and guts" war-at-sea historical stories.  The battles are with the elements, and within the characters themselves.   Issues of war and peace are central, but are treated in a different light, challenging the reader to think hard about violence and its justifications, and giving the novel a decidedly modern, timely twist.  Looking for something different in historical, nautical fiction?  Check out Tunnell's Boys.