Art by  Tony Junker

Porch of the Caryatids,  Erectheion,  Athens
Watercolor  10" x 14"

Asclepeion,  Athens
Watercolor, 10" x 15"

Church of St. Gerasimos, Santorini, Greece
Watercolor,   17" x 22-1/2"   

Caryatid, Erectheion,  Athens
Watercolor,  4-1/2 "x 8"

Apse,  Naxos, Greece
Watercolor,  15" x 21-1/2"

Watercolor  21" x 29"

Spring,  Jeremysquam Island,  Maine
Watercolor, 14-1/2"x18"

Awaiting the Oxen Pull,  Windsor Fair,  Maine
Watercolor, 15-3/4"x20-1/2"

Lee's World,  Jeremysquam Island,  Maine
Watercolor, 17"x20"

Sea Smoke,  Sheepscot River,  Maine
Watercolor, 9-3/4"x12-3/4"

Watercolor, 15x16-1/2""

Bud Vase
Watercolor, 15"x20"

Apple  Trees
Watercolor, 9"x16"


Farm Burial Ground,  Jeremysquam Island,  Maine
Watercolor, 15-1/2"x17"

Greek Revival
Watercolor, 9"x12" 

Show Ring,  Windsor Fair,  Maine
Watercolor, 11-1/2"x21"

North End Lobster Co-op, Jeremy Squam Island
Watercolor, 9"x15"

Sunset,  Jeremysquam Island,  Maine
Watercolor, 11-1/4"x15-1/4"

Philadelphia Morning
​Watercolor, 9-3/4"x12-3/4" 

Mother and Child
Watercolor, 16"x20"

Madonna of the Waiting Room
Watercolor, 6"x9"

Fowles Point in Winter