Art by  Tony Junker

Porch of the Caryatids,  Erectheion,  Athens
Watercolor  10" x 14"

Asclepeion,  Athens
Watercolor, 10" x 15"

Church of St. Gerasimos, Santorini, Greece
Watercolor,   17" x 22-1/2"   

Caryatid, Erectheion,  Athens
Watercolor,  4-1/2 "x 8"

Apse,  Naxos, Greece
Watercolor,  15" x 21-1/2"

Watercolor  21" x 29"

Spring,  Jeremysquam Island,  Maine
Watercolor, 14-1/2"x18"

Awaiting the Oxen Pull,  Windsor Fair,  Maine
Watercolor, 15-3/4"x20-1/2"

Lee's World,  Jeremysquam Island,  Maine
Watercolor, 17"x20"

Sea Smoke,  Sheepscot River,  Maine
Watercolor, 9-3/4"x12-3/4"

Watercolor, 15x16-1/2""

Bud Vase
Watercolor, 15"x20"

Apple  Trees
Watercolor, 9"x16"


Farm Burial Ground,  Jeremysquam Island,  Maine
Watercolor, 15-1/2"x17"

Greek Revival
Watercolor, 9"x12" 

Show Ring,  Windsor Fair,  Maine
Watercolor, 11-1/2"x21"

North End Lobster Co-op, Jeremy Squam Island
Watercolor, 9"x15"

Sunset,  Jeremysquam Island,  Maine
Watercolor, 11-1/4"x15-1/4"

Philadelphia Morning
​Watercolor, 9-3/4"x12-3/4" 

Mother and Child
Watercolor, 16"x20"

Madonna of the Waiting Room
Watercolor, 6"x9"

Fowles Point in Winter

Still Life with Onions
Watercolor, 6-1/2"x7-1/2" 

Vinyard Lane, Tuscany
Watercolor,  ​9"x13-3/4"

Boat Yard Relic
Watercolor, 7-3/4"x12"

Cantonese Opera in the Park,  Xiguan, Guangzhou
Watercolor, 12"x15"

Watching Opera in the Park,  Xiguan, Guangzhou
Watercolor, 12"x15"

Sidewalk Queen,   Xiguan, Guangzhou
Watercolor, 5"x8"

Green Bottle
Watercolor, 8"x10"

Sunday, Moody's Diner
Watercolor, 16-1/2x16-1/2"